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Roller Shutters

Create a sanctuary of safety, privacy and shelter

Our tough, hard-wearing Roller Shutters will provide your home with a defense against burglary, block out the harsh outdoor elements and help save you 30% on your energy bill.

Roller Shutters greatly restrict outside access to the inside of your home and are a great deterrent for anyone who may be considering breaking into your home. They can be opened or closed from the convenience of inside your home.

Providing a protective barrier from the outside elements they help you conserve energy and save money on your electricity bills. They reflect heat in summer by up to 90% (keeping your home cooler in summer) and they reduce heat loss by up to 70% (keeping home warmer in winter).

Roller shutters give you complete control over your environment and can protect your home from the damaging elements of high winds, rain, hail, UV rays and even fire. They are also great for blocking out noise, allowing you to create a more tranquil space.

  • Roller Shutter systems effectively protect your property against burglary.
  • They save energy and reduce the cost of your electricity bills.
  • Prevent the fading of floor coverings and furniture often caused by the suns harsh rays.
  • Create a sense of total privacy.
  • Selection of colours – we offer a full range of colour bond colours.
  • Block out the outside elements, protecting your home from winds, rain, hail and noise.
  • All Roller Shutters are custom made and designed individually for your homes windows and sliding doors.
  • Creates a tough barrier that helps prevent damage from nature’s elements of sun, rain, hail, wind and even fire.
  • They are strong and hard-wearing.
  • Operated from the safety of inside your home.
  • Come with the Viva Blinds and Interiors promise of “high quality products at affordable prices”
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